Antalus project is a collection of stories, artworks included mythological stories and creature, ritual tradition, custom, and tales all related to the geographic borders of Antalus in the lands of Ogin Talka, Ezmondi, Memfatna, laoken-eltakna, Montlin,velaton, Netatno, Taba, and ect and their folk and rituals. The cryptic stones script and scrolls and oral tales have been gathered by Nekarchil Urusa who with Parimah Avani since 2010 has launched this project to be able publish these ethnic stories and art and make Antalusian be Known. lands of Antalus are enriched with a variety of ethnical custom, tales, with symbolic and magical rituals, where gigantic healing castle has become a eternal prison in Ogin talka, letters are gathered and are going to narrate the melancholic stories of whom are not permitted for ever to go out of healing castle in the first book of Antalus “ Healing Castle”. Other books narrate the tales of other lands and each book is related to one of the mentioned lands with its particular tale and features while the whole tales and characters of Antalus collection interlaced together and affects on each other. 

Antalusian ethnics own their own calendars and time, their art and craft like mythological creatures and rituals differ from one land to another. Likewise their writings and languages, Hetkh scripts are gathered and translated precisely by Nekarchil Urusa. This collection is going to be published by Parimah Avani in order and gradually. First part of this series, the book of  “The Magic Scroll Verses of Antalus” published in 2020 and had been one of the finalist of “Shamlu” literature Award”in Tehran(Iran) in 2021.